Chigurupati Sudheekshan Excellence Awards

IT & Computer Science Award -2016

Sri Nallamothu SridharSri. Nallamothu Sridhar is pioneering the field of Telugu Technical Literature ,by striving to accomplish the sole aim of familiarizing the critical aspects of technology to the common man in Telugu states. Since the usage of computer is fast gaining momentum in every walk of social life of the Telugu populations, misuse of Technology predominately is taking undue advantages of the tech illiterate masses unaware from ignorance of exploitation is ever increasing leading to rise in cyber crime. For contributing to spread technical literacy on local dialect, his name featured in the Telugu Wikipedia Website. He has more than 1000 Technical videos , 700 TV programs to his credit and is updating daily the inventions in technology to common people and impart training to every batch of the police academy to check the rise in cyber crimes .We, At Sudheekshan Foundation wish him success and dedicated work to spread computer literacy in Telugu States . So, we proudly presented this Chigurupati Sudheekshan IT & Computer Science Award -2016 to him on the 10 Anniversary at Siddhartha Auditorium in Vijayawada on dt:20-11-2016

Science and Technology Award

Sri Venkata Krishna Gutta Sri Venkata Krishna Gutta with his keen focus on improving the ROI of the partners' technology investments , with ample monitoring of the underlying issues right from the very start refused to accept the alarming rate of failure common in large IT Projects .Sri Gutta with his deep knowledge and dedicated capabilities through his APPS Tek Corp is a trusted consulting partners to companies ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 100 companies in a variety of sectors. With the robust offering of solutions in Technology, business and managed solutions he is believed to reach newer horizons through guiding the clients experience incredible success by offering superior levels of service to them, that is trust worthy and dependable . We at Sudheekshan Foundation wish him success in the areas of chosen fields .we proudly presented Chigurupati Sudheekshan Award for Science & Technology 2016 to him on the 10 Anniversary at Siddhartha Auditorium in Vijayawada on dt : 20-11-2016

Art & Cultural Award - 2016

Smt. Munjuluri Krishna Kumari Smt: Munjuluri Krishna Kumari - well known Child Programming and Station director of All India Radio in Vijayawada She gave main importance to prepare and telecast the children related stories , Serials and shows throughout her service as a station Director of all India Radio where she has worked in different places .She has received many awards for the children story "CHINNA PILLALU PEDDAMANASULU " which was written by her, also received many awards and rewards during her service as a program director for her tremendous contributed to children activities. We recognised her dedication and commitment in bestowing service to the ART & CULTURE in the Society . we also express our pleasure and honour to present this Citation and Award to... Smt: Munjuluri Krishna Kumari with CHIGURUPATI SUDHEEKSHAN AWARD FOR ART & CULTURAL -2016 on the occasion of 10 Anniversary on dt : 20-11-2016 at Siddhartha Auditorium in Vijayawada

Education Award -2016

Sri Mukala Appa Rao Sri Mukala Apparao is a Teacher par excellence in Biological science, English language and far more than two decades is coaching for the entrance examinations of polytechnic and APRJC. He leads from the front the state Teachers union , STU,AP,and has been the chief Editor of UPADHYAVANI . Though in the forefront driving the organizational activities , since long he is pursuing relentlessly in teaching students to develop their academic performance and excel in Education. As a teacher, he always strive to import quality education ethics & morality to the poor children in various Government Schools in Krishna district . Because of him many children got educated making it to good positions in career .He is persistent in his efforts to uplift the children of the down trodden. We , at the Sudheekshan foundation in recognition of his dedication and commitment in education for the benefit of students to develop them into good citizens. we proudly presented the Chigurupati Sudheekshan Award for Education 2016 to him on the 10 Anniversary at Siddhartha Auditorium in Vijayawada on dt : 20-11-2016


DR. PASUPULETI RAMANA, Dr. Pasupuleti Ramana is following the ideology of Mother Theresa for the all round development of the society particularly focusing on Aayurveda vaidya vidhanam to clear the problems of people who are psychologically affected and mentally suffering in the Society . He has been Running with great care & love, A rehabilitation centre Almost 100 psychologically affected people are undergoing Aayurveda treatment in this asylum. Dr. Ramana Pasupuleti has been rendering yeoman services to the society through his own Trust and also Lions Club. Such self-less personalities are the need of the hour. It is high time we have many such Men for the psychological well being of the society we live in. Recognising his services to the society at large. we , the Sudheekshan Foundation presented him Chigurupati Sudheekshan Social Service Award 2016 on the Occasion of their 10th Anniversary on dt 20-112016 at Siddhartha Auditorium in Vijayawada

Guests were attended ....

  • Smt. Nannapaneni Rajakumari - Chairperson - AP Women's Commission
  • Smt. Gadde Anuradha - Chairperson - Zilla Parishad - Krishna
  • Sri Koneru Sridhar Mayor - VMC -Vijayawada
  • Sri Bonda Umamaheswara Rao - MLA -Vijayawada Central
  • Sri A.S.Rama Krishna - MLC - A.P
  • Sri Boddu Nageswara Rao - MLC-A.P
  • Sri Golla Narayana Rao - Secretary A.P Arts Academy
  • Dr. Turlapati Pattibhi Ram - Chairman , Score More Foundation - VJA
  • Smt. Chigurupati Vimala - Founder & Chairperson - Sudheekshan Foundation