Chigurupati Sudheekshan Excellence Awards

IT & Computer science Award

Dr. T.Hanuman chowdary, a legend in information technology who created history in the field, He did his excellence in the promotion of quality science & Technology , education and the implementation of e-governance in the state of Andhra Pradesh and India in the Telecom sector. Under his stewardship the IT sector secured tremendous development in the country. As a distinguished engineer, he held important positions in the development of IT sector. The octogenarian is still fond of teaching & spreading of information Technology in the country & still travelling throughout country. The sudheekshan foundation recognised his dedication & commitment to Telecomm & information sector in the country for the benefit of mankind and presented him with Chigurupati sudheekshan Excellence Award -2014 on dt:19-8-2014 in Vijayawada.

Science & Agriculture Award

Sri Mandava Janaki Ramaiah has been extending yeomen service to the milk producers for the last many decades. He is leader of white revolution and well-wisher of farming community. He was an ideal farmer and created the history in dairy development as a chairman of Krishna district milk producers cooperative mutually Aided cooperative union limited, Vijayawada. The 82 years old man is still striving hard to develop the milk production, which is an amazing quality. The Krishna milk union achieved a phenomenal growth under his stewardship. in recognition of his service to the milk farming development, the sudheekshan foundation presented him with the Chigurupati sudheekshan best Agriculturist Award - 2014 on date : 19-8-2014 in Vijayawada

Cultural & Literature Award

Sri Kuchibhotla Anand has been rendering yeomen service to the future generation of Telugu communities by taking care of Telugu language & culture in USA and other countries. He has founded the silicon Andhra in united states of America to promote the Telugu culture & Language. He is a great scholar & patron of Telugu Language , culture & tradition : He is striving hard to promote the Telugu heritage to the future generation of Telugu people in other countries. such self-less personalities are need of hour for our future generation to promote our culture. It is high time we need many such sages for a healthy society. He achieved 9 Guinness world Records on his innovative cultural activities. In recognition of his dedicated service to Telugu heritage, the sudheekshan Foundation honoured him with Chigurupati sudheekshan cultural & Literature Award -2014 on date : 19-8-2014 in Vijayawada.

Educational Award

Smt. K.Jyothsna ,well - known educationalist and founder of Abhyasa Vidhyalaya educational institute in Vijayawada. she is giving free education to the economically backward children & giving bright future to them. she also founded Deepa memorial Trust to serve the poor people. she is striving hard to educate the poor children throughout her life & thousands of children were educated and given good future to them under her service. she is still fond of establishing an educational research institute. In recognition of her service to the educational secretor the sudheekshan foundation presented her with Chigurupati sudheekshan educational Award -2014 on date : 18-8-2014 in Vijayawada.

Social service Award

smt. Goparaju Rashmi, Executive secretary of Vasavya Mahila Mandali in Vijayawada. she is running her Organization with Gandhian ideology for all round development of women & children, working with a network of 61 partner NGOs and CBOs in Andhra Pradesh. she has under taken several activities, running an urban deprived hostel for 100 orphan girls providing shelter, education. conducted HIV Tests & mobile integrated counselling for 2 lacks urban & rural people in Krishna district. she held great positions in many government and other bodies. we need such a lady for our healthy society. sudheekshan foundation recognised her dedicated service to the healthy community and presented her with Chigurupati sudheekshan social service Award on dt:19-8-2014 in Vijayawada.

Guests attended to this awards function are..

  • Smt. Gadde Anuradha - Chairperson, Zilla parishad, Krishna dt.
  • Sri. Koneru Sridhar - Mayor, VMC, Vijayawada
  • Sri. kesineni Srinivas - Member of parliament , Vijayawada
  • Dr .P.Ravindra Babu - Chairman, Institute of Engineers ( India ) Vijayawada
  • Sri. G. Venkateswara Rao - C.E.O, K.C.P Ltd, Vuyyuru
  • Sri.G.V.Rama Rao - Secretary, Krishna Exhibition Society, Vijayawada
  • Dr. Ashok Surya - Rtd, Medical officer, Vijayawada
  • smt.Chigurupati Vimala - Founder & Chief Functionary of S.F