Supreme court announcement

first aid to road accidentThe Indian supreme court has announced, any person who meets Road Accidents can be taken to the Nearby Hospital Immediately.Hospitals must not ask for the police Report to admit him / her.It is doctors duty to give the first Aid and treatment to the victims, because the time is very precious to them. The time is called golden hour that should not be lose or waste. The police can be informed later.

Request To The Doctors

Ch.vimala founder of this organization is humbly requesting the doctors to give the treatment immediately to the road accidental victims without delay. Every minute is very precious to the victims. The time should not be wasted for money. Some hospitals are starting the treatment after receiving the money from the victims families only. On the loss of golden time some victims are losing their valuable lives. No one leave theirs dear once for money. Doctors must understand.

In the case of sudheekshan has also happened the same thing, because of doctors delay for money one youth life had gone to another world.

The First Hour after the trauma is called the golden hour. If proper first aid is given to road accident victims has a greater chance to survival and a reduction of the severity of their injuries

Many deaths and impact of injuries can be prevented with First Aid if casualties are treated immediately.

The basic aims of first aid are:

  • To save life.
  • To protect the casualty from getting more harm.
  • To reduce pain and Priorities of Casualty Treatment.

steps for first aid to road accident

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