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Road safety service

Human life should be given paramount Importance Road accidents have become a bane to the world. For every three minutes someone is dying. Every year nearly 1.45 lakh people are dying and 5 lakh people are becoming disabled in India alone. Researches show that it can be a solvable problem if we put some efforts.

So, Road safety programme is the major activity of the Foundation and conducting many awareness programmes to decrease the Road Traffic Fatalities.

The organisation has involved higher officials of Traffic Police, Road Transport Department, National Highway Authority officials and other government organs in spreading the message to save the precious human lives from hazardous Road accidents.

  1. The Foundation has been organizing a number of awareness programs, seminars, meetings, signature campaigns and rallies.
  2. The Foundation has published two books on road safety.
    1. badhyulu evaru“Who are responsible for the Road Accidents” (Badhyulu Evaru?) This awareness book is donated to all libraries and distributing free of cost to all.
    2. “Little care for safety Life“ distributing to school children free of cost.
  3. The foundation is presenting the Road safety Award for the best drivers and also who are working on road safety.
  4. Distributing lakhs of pamphlets on road safety rule to various sections of people.
  5. Foundation is organizing quiz, drawing, debate and other awareness programs for the students of high schools and colleges. The best performers are being awarded.
  6. We participated in the Workshop of W.H.O on Road safety (WHO meeting photo)

Representations to government

  1. Many reports are prepared and submitted to the National Highway & State Highway authorities to take action to minimize accidents.
  2. Report Submitted to Road Safety Committee is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  3. Filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh in March 2014 seeking removal of liquor shops on National Highways which are being run against rules.
  4. The foundation submitted the reports to Human Rights Commission, Andhra Pradesh Lokayuktha, Andhra Pradesh High Court to take action against Hospitals which are not extending the emergency medical treatment to the accident victims with the evidence of some neglected incidents.

    The Chief Justice of AP High court accepted the report “suo moto” and ordered the Government to take action on it to prevent such recurrences in future. Then the Government also ordered the DMHOs of 23 districts to take action on hospitals, who are neglecting their responsibility to treat the victims. Doctors all over the State were alerted to respond immediately to treat the victims without delay .This was the biggest victory of the Foundation (October 2013)
  5. The Foundation filed the Online petition with the signatures of lakhs of supporters to bring pressure on the State and Central governments to bring changes in Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and make strict laws to prevent accidents ( July 2014).

The foundation needs support of philanthropists for printing material to undertake the awareness programmes

Donations are tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department. Bank details can be obtained from Donation folders.

Educational service sudheekshan foundation uniform and books

Educate the child and give a life is our concept. Without education there is nothing in life. Andhra Pradesh Literacy rate is 67.66 % as for the census of year 2011 and occupies 25th place in India.
The poor literacy rate of 32.34 per cent is from the economically backward children only. If we support them, they too will come up.

Sudheekshan Foundation is supporting the children in three ways regarding education.

Educate the children

We are conducting survey campaigns to identify the dropouts and non-school going children in villages and slum areas and admitted them into nearby schools.

Help the children

The children who have discontinued education due to family or financial reasons are being provided basic needs like uniform, notebooks and school bags and stationery etc

We are providing uniforms & books to the students of various schools up to 7th standard and Notebooks & stationery to 8, 9,10th standard students. Many children are benefited from this organization.

Encourage the children

We reward the students who pass SSC exams from different government schools with 90% of marks. Meritorious students are selected from poor families to extend support to pay college fee. We wish to bring more children under this educational programme with the support of the philanthropists.

Sponsor a child or student

Sponsor 1st to 7th class students for year Rs 6000 or $ 100
Sponsor 8th, 9th and 10th class students for year Rs 9000 or $ 150

The sponsor will be tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department.
Bank details can be obtained from Donation folder.

Health service sudheekshan foundatin eye camp

This organisation is conducting medical camps in rural areas with the support of local doctors & hospitals.

Our major health programme is eye treatments for poor children. Screening tests are being conducted in slums and various government schools and giving free glasses (spectacles) to the deserving children. Nearly 20,000 children were screened from various Government schools in Krishna district.

Free Vitamin A supplements to the children who suffer from vitamin A deficiency.

Financial support is given to the deserving poor and needy people for eye treatment.

Free cataract operations for aged poor people.

Dental checkup camps are also being conducted to children with qualified doctors. We are conducting vast awareness campaigns on eye donation in public.

Lakhs of pamphlets are distributed highlighting the importance of eye donation.

We are organizing free eye checkup stall for 45 days in the Krishna Agriculture & industrial Exhibition in Vijayawada with the support of Sankar Eye Hospital every summer.

Eye hospitals that support us are:

L V Prasad Eye hospital-Vijayawada,

Sankar Eye Hospital, China Kakani-Guntur dt,

Rotary Eye Hospital-Vuyyuru Krishna dt

Come, extend your helping hand to the needy – each rupee of your donation will give happiness in the lives of needy.

Glasses –each spectacle cost Rs 500 or $ 10 For each cataract operation Rs 3000 or $ 50

Donations will be tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Deportment Bank details can be obtained from donation folder.

Humanity Servicesudheekshan foundation humanity

Wheel chairs

The Foundation is donating 20 wheelchairs to physically challenged children and elderly people every year

Artificial Limbssudheekshan foundation artificial limb

Artificial limbs are given free of cost to the persons who lost their limbs in accidents or due to diabetic problems. This organisation distributed 100 prosthetic legs so far

Blood donation camps

Blood donation camps are being organised to extend blood to thalassemia children and Accident victims

Food & Cloth donationssudheekshan foundation artificial limb

Bed sheets are given to old people in every winter to protect them from cold

On the occasion of festivals, food is served to street beggars

Wheel chairs each cost is Rs: 2000 or $ 35
Artificial Leg each cost is Rs: 3000 or $ 50

We seek the help of philanthropists to serve the more people

Your contributions are valuable for our service

Donations will be tax exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department

Bank Details can be obtain from the Donation folder

Other service

Saplings plantation

Massive plantation is undertaken in various places to improve the environment. Saplings planted in the schools, colleges and Government Offices

Drinking water kiosk

Vijayawada is a hot place. The Foundation is arranging cool drinking water kiosk to supply mineral water to the thirsty every summer.

Vocational centresudheekshan foundation vocational courses

We are planning to start vocational training centre to provide the employment to educated Unemployed youth in rural area of Krishna district.

We wish to work for better society
“One Rupee a Day can change the lives of the poor and needy of our society”
Your donation will be tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department.
Bank details can be obtained from Donation Folder