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Human life should be given paramount importance. Road accidents have become a bane to the world. For every three minutes, someone is dying. Every year, nearly 1.45 lakh people are dying and about 5 lakh people are becoming disabled in India alone. Researches show that it could be prevented if we put some efforts.

So, Road Safety programme is the major activity of the Foundation.It is conducting many Road Safety awareness programmes to decrease Road Traffic Fatalities.

The Foundation involved higher officials from Traffic Police, Road Transport Department, National Highway Authority and other Government Agencies in spreading the message to save precious human lives from dangerousroad accidents. The Foundation is organizing a number of awareness programs, seminars, meetings, signature campaigns and rallies in this regard.

The Foundation published two books on Road Safety:

i) “Who are responsible for the Road Accidents?” (BadhyuluEvaru?). This awareness book is donated to all libraries and distributedto many citizens, free of cost.

ii) “Little care for safety Life“.This book is distributed to school children, free of cost.

The Foundation is presenting “Road Safety Award”to the best drivers and also who are working on road safety.

The Foundation distributed lakhs of pamphlets on Road Safety Rules to various sections of people.

The Foundation conductedSignature Campaigns on Road Safety and urged citizens to follow traffic rules.

The Foundation organizedQuiz, Drawing, Debate and other awareness programs to the high school and college students. The best performers are awarded.

The Foundation participated in the Workshop of W.H.O. on Road Safety (WHO meeting photo).

Representations to Government:

Many reports were prepared and submitted to the National Highway & State Highway authorities to take action to minimize road accidents.

A Report was submitted to the Road Safety Committee, appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh in March 2014 seeking removal of liquor shops on National Highways which are being run against rules.

Submitted reports to the Human Rights Commission, the Andhra Pradesh Lokayuktha, and the Andhra Pradesh High Court requesting to take action

against Hospitals which were not extending the emergency medical treatment to accident victims, with the evidence of some neglected incidents.

The Chief Justice of AP High Court accepted the report “suomoto” and ordered the Andhra Pradesh Government to take action on it to prevent such recurrences in future. Then the AP Government also ordered the DMHOs of 23 districts to take action on hospitals who were neglecting their responsibility in treatingaccident victims. Doctors all over the State were alerted to treatroad accident victimsimmediately without delay.This was the biggest victory of the Foundation (October 2013).

The Foundation filed anonline petition with signatures of lakhs of supporters to bring pressure on the State and Central Governments to bring changes in Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 and make strict laws to prevent Road Accidents (July 2014).

The Foundation needs support of philanthropists for printing material to continue the Road Safety awareness programmes.

Donations are tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department.
Bank Details can be obtain from the Donation folder

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