Sudheekshan Life History

CHIGURUPATI SUDHEEKSHAN was born in Vijayawada city of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh on 18–Aug-1986 as a second child and the only heir to his family and also to their educational institution which was being run by his mother. He has one elder sister.

The boy was a child prodigy of genius qualities.He had a peaceful face and had respectful manners. Since childhood, he had helping nature and helped his friends and others in their needs.

Sudheekshan completed his primary education, up to 10th standard, in the school being run by his mother. Later he joined in a corporate college for his secondary education in Vijayawada. After completion of Intermediate, he got enrolled in a graduation college with specialization in computer science, physics and electronics. While studying in the college, he helped his mother in school administration and took special computer classes to higher class students.

He was very crazy about computer software. He wanted to become a great software programmer. He was preparing to get admission in a P.G. College and preparing for the entrance test. He requested his mother to allow him to join in a software institution to gain more knowledge in software technology. For 20 long days,his mother did not agree.As she did not want to discourage her son, finally she accepted.

He joined in an institution in Vijayawada city on 01-Nov–2006 which was 15 k.m. away from his house. As his mother had confidence in him, she allowed Sudheekshanto go to computer software institution by motor bike.

On Friday, 03–Nov-2006, he woke up early, as usual, at 5:00 a.m. and went to gymnastic centre.By 7:00 a.m., he returned from the gym and completed his routine works.While taking breakfast, he discussed with his mother about their school.He expressed his future plan to his mother to establish a software technology centre. His mother asked him about the future of their school.He confidently replied that they can run many institutions.He got ready by 8:30 a.m.He told his mother that he would come back by 11:00 a.m.

He was going alone, slowly, on the left side of the road. Near an engineering college at Kanuru village,in order to overtake a car,a lorry came in opposite direction, in a wrong way, and hit Sudheekshan.The lorry driver was in a drunken state.He left his lorry and absconded. By the force of the collision, Sudheekshan fell on the road. Even though Sudheekshan was wearing of a helmet,he met with internal head injury. The place where the accident had happened was a very busy place. Unfortunately, no one came forward to take the boy to Hospital. After certain delay, the traffic police jeep came and they shifted the boy to a nearby corporate hospital.

The hospital staff did not start treatment immediately. They were trying to figure out whether the victim’s parents can afford treatment in their hospital or not. On hearing the news from the police his mother rushed to hospital. But it took 50 minutes to reach the hospital. When a considerable amount was paid, the treatment was started.This made further delay. At first, the hospital staff said that they needed 24 hours. On the second day, they said that surgery is needed and tonsured the boy. Further, they asked the boy’s mother to pay Rs.1 lakh. Later, a surgeon had seen the test reports and said that their junior doctor did not study the test reports properly and declared that the surgery was not needed and the boy was out of danger. His mother felt very happy.

On the 6th day,on 08-Nov-2006, the whole situation got reversed. Doctors informed that the boy’s condition was not good. Afternoon at 3:00 p.m. they announced the death of the boy. Had some Good Samaritan brought the boy to the hospital, immediately after the accident, Sudheekshan could have been saved!Had the doctors immediately attended to the accident victim,Sudheekshan could have been saved! In the crowd, at that time, there was no Good Samaritan!! Alas, in India, Life is useless and Money is priceless!! Doctors delayed the treatment.

In his 20 years of life,Sudheekshan never stayed alone,without his mother, even for a single day. But for the first time, he left his mother alone and went away permanently. In her unbearable grievance his mother started an organization in the name of the departed soul Sudheekshan Foundation on the 10th day of the boy’s demise on 18-Nov-2006. She dedicated her remaining life in social service and carrying out his dreams.

He never went to outside without wearing a helmet. He wore the I.S.I.Certified helmet and wished his mother and said that he would return by 11:00 a.m. His mother went up to the compound wall gate and seen him off. She never thought that she was going to give her son the last send off. Sudheekshan also did not know that his fate was waiting for him, on the way, in the form of a lorry.

Sudheekshan dreamt of a bright future. But without fulfilling his dreams Sudheekshan travelled to another far off world. God is very greedy. He will take away all good people very early!!!

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