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“Educate the child and give life” - is our concept. Without education there is nothing in life. Andhra Pradesh Literacy rate is 67.66% as per the census of year 2011 and occupies 25th place in India. The illiteracy rate of 32.34% is from the economically backward children only. If we support them, they too will come up.

Sudheekshan Foundation is supporting the children in the following four ways in their education:

Educate the children:

We are conducting survey campaigns to identify dropouts and non-school going children in villages and slum areas and admitting them in nearby schools.

Help the children:

We are providing basic needs like uniform, notebooks, school bags and stationery etc. to the children who have discontinued education due to family or financial reasons.

We are providing uniforms and books to students upto 7th standard.

We are providing notebooks and stationery to 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students.

Encourage the children:

We are rewarding students from government schools who pass SSC exams with more than 90% of marks. From poor families,meritorious students are selected and being supported to pay their college fee. We wish to bring more children under this Educational Service with the support of the philanthropists.

Motivate the children:

We are conducting motivation classes to government hostel children with skilled motivators on Goal of Education,Health, Cleanliness, Moral Values, Self-discipline, etc.

Sponsor a child or student:

It will cost Rs. 6,000 or $ 100 per year to support a student who is in 1st to 7th class.

It will cost Rs.12000 or $ 200 per year to support a student who is in 8th to 10th class.

The sponsor will be tax-exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Department.
Bank Details can be obtain from the Donation folder

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