Agony of Suffering Mother


Day-by-day road accidents are increasing. Many youth in the age group 18 to 35 years are dying in motor bike accidents in India. On the loss of her only son,Vimala experienced real agony.She expressed the feelings of a mother like this: If a Super Power keeps a poor, sick child of a woman on one side and the whole wealth of the world on the other side of a balance and asks to choose one of them,then without thinking for a moment, the mother will choose her child. Money is nothing, before her child, for any mother. Her child is whole and sole to her life.

A woman can bear the loss of her husband, parents, siblings, relatives, etc. But she cannot bear the loss of her own children. She keeps her dreams and desires in her children only. When Sudheekshan was born then Vimala felt that she conquered the world.But her happiness couldnot long last.

As a mother, Vimala felt that her son was the whole world to her. She was very much fond of her son. This nice boy always stayed with his mother.He was never alone and had very attachment with his mother. But, the Fate could not see their affection.It appeared in the form of an accident and separated them. A drunken, illiterate lorry driver grabbed the life of the boy. Sudheekshan’s 100 years life span ended at the turn of 20 years only. The sweet boy joyfully went outside but returned to house as a lifeless dead body. On seeing her son’s dead body,Vimala’s heart was broken.The whole world seemed to her very dark and fearful.

Every parent wants to see her children in higher position.She desires to spend her last moments in the presence of her children.She wants die in their hands.She wants to conduct her funeral by her children. But now-a-days, due to road accidents, many parents are conducting the funeral of their own children - like me. This is really a hell, to parents like me. In my unbearable grievance, I was not able to run my institution. This tragic incident led to the formation of the SudheekshanFoundation.

Now-a-days many families are losing their children in motor bike accidents. This is not only loss to the victims’ families but also a very great loss to the country. Whoever may be at fault, the ultimate sufferers are parents.

Vimala humbly requests the youth to drive motor vehicles carefully and use their knowledge to the betterment of their life, family and society.They should not waste their worthy life for unworthy vehicles.

Sudheekshan was punished by a lorry driver and by the fate for no fault of him.

Remember:In road accidents, whoever may be at fault, the ultimate sufferers are parents.

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